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Simple Solutions

With decades of experience in clean stock production and more than 950 million young plants under our belt, we have learned what it takes to produce and deliver high-quality starter plants.   

Keeping it Clean

From the start we use biotech tools like tissue culture and qPCR testing to identify and remove hidden viral, bacterial and fungal diseases that can weaken and kill plants. Once plants have moved through our rigorous testing and restoration process, they are considered Super Elite (SEE) stock and are held in tissue culture to protect them from infection. Multiplied in the lab and weaned in a greenhouse, they form the foundation of our Elite Motherstock from which many millions of cuttings are produced.

See our Clean Stock Process

Where We Grow

San Diego, California’s high light and mild weather is the perfect place to grow plants. Our six acres of high-profile greenhouses in coastal San Diego give us optimal conditions for motherstock and young plant (clone) production.

Beyond our Southern California greenhouses, we have Cultivaris Rooting Stations located across the US.  We choose the Rooting Station closest to our customers and then ship our super-charged cuttings for rooting under local conditions, avoiding the perils of long-haul transportation, lowering freight costs and substantially reducing transplant shock.